Move Over Mom-Guilt. I’ve Got Co-Worker Guilt.

If you’re a working mom, you’re probably no stranger to “mom guilt.” The guilty feeling of spending your time and energy at work instead of with your child. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about mom guilt. This is not an article about mom guilt. This is an article on “co-worker guilt.” The […]

Overcoming Return to Work Challenges

Lauren is a stay-at-home mom of five years. She has three kids, ages eight, five, and three. After returning to work shortly after her oldest was born, she decided it was time to pause her career and focus on family when baby #2 came along. She was grateful to be present for so much of […]

6 Tips for Keeping Burnout at Bay

1 in 3. That’s how many women are considering changing positions or leaving their employers altogether as a result of job burnout according to this McKinsey report. Are you one of them? In a recent Deloitte report, “widespread burnout is made worse by poor/work life balance and an ability to “switch off” from work. Women […]

How to Get Better Sleep as a Working Mom

We don’t get sleep I hate to say it but our beloved Dolly Parton had it wrong. If you’re a mom, a 9-5 workday sounds like a dream! Instead we are often up before the sun working at home, getting kids where they can be cared for during the day and then facing major mental […]

Time Management for Moms

We learned many valuable lessons about time management this past year, thanks to the Coronavirus quarantine. Those of you who work outside the home and suddenly had to work inside the home may have had to learn how to get everything done with a new routine and schedule. Laundry, dishes, tutoring, mom talks, and dinner […]

Reentering the Workforce After a Resume Gap

There’s reason for optimism: in our work with HR leaders and people managers, we’re  hearing a common  theme. More and more companies are prioritizing the hiring and retention of women employees, for three reasons: Amidst an absolute childcare crisis, millions of women left the workforce during the pandemic. As things “normalize” (whatever that means!) employers […]

Transition Tips to Return to Work After Parental Leave

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, it means that you are hoping to return to work after parental leave. That’s a big step and one worth celebrating!  With any transition, you may be excited, nervous, dreading it, and wishing it would get here soon – all at the same time. That’s totally normal. Depending on […]

5 Conversation Cures for Career Advancement

Own your Professional Success with Confidence Minus the Smug “I can’t talk about myself” and “I don’t know how to tell my story” is a common commentary from high-achieving women. And it’s one of the obstacles blocking female career progression. This kind of hesitancy (dare I say, reluctance) costs in visibility, promotion and securing a […]