No Shame in the Formula Game

By Abbey Donnell, Founder & CEO of Work & Mother It may surprise you to hear that I used formula with both my kids.  With my first, my son, I can count on one hand the number of times I supplemented during our 14-month breastfeeding journey.  I vividly remember the first time I used a […]

Great Gifts for Moms

Welcome to our 2024 Mother’s Gift Guide. We pulled together our favorite gifts to honor and support moms. PRACTICAL THINGS TO MAKE LIFE A LITTLE EASIER For some moms, lightening their load makes them feel especially appreciated… ENJOYABLE THINGS TO MAKE LIFE A LITTLE SWEETER For some moms, a thoughtful treat or trinket makes them […]

Anxiety, OCD, and Early Motherhood

I had my first panic attack before age six. I dealt with what I now refer to as unpredictable “spikes” in anxiety (causing more panic attacks) on and off throughout most of my teenage and early adulthood years.  I hardly slept. I lost weight I couldn’t afford to. I missed school. In 2016, just three […]

Move Over Mom-Guilt. I’ve Got Co-Worker Guilt.

If you’re a working mom, you’re probably no stranger to “mom guilt.” The guilty feeling of spending your time and energy at work instead of with your child. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about mom guilt. This is not an article about mom guilt. This is an article on “co-worker guilt.” The […]

Returning to Work: How to Prepare to Pump Successfully

When you’re returning to work after having a baby and breastfeeding is part of your routine, you may be wondering how you can prepare to pump successfully for your little one. Look no further — we’ve got you covered. No matter when it comes, going back to work after having a baby can be tough. […]

Breast Milk Composition 101: The Magic of Your Milk

Breastfeeding is truly one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, wrapping up nutrition, love, and a sprinkle of magic all in one. Have you ever wondered exactly what is in your milk that makes it so perfect? This post summarizes the composition of breast milk, exploring its unique components and the incredible benefits it offers to […]

Time Management for Moms

We learned many valuable lessons about time management this past year, thanks to the Coronavirus quarantine. Those of you who work outside the home and suddenly had to work inside the home may have had to learn how to get everything done with a new routine and schedule. Laundry, dishes, tutoring, mom talks, and dinner […]