6 Tips For Keeping Burnout at Bay

1 in 3. That’s how many women are considering changing positions or leaving their employers altogether as a result of job burnout according to this McKinsey report. Are you one of them? In a recent Deloitte report, “widespread burnout is made worse by poor/work life balance and an ability to “switch off” from work. Women […]

Stress & Meditation

Those early days of motherhood can, at times, make even the most organized and balanced person feel like she’s hanging on by a thread. Between the sleep deprivation, constant feedings, diaper changes, and the whole keeping-a-tiny-human-alive thing, maternal stress is pretty much inevitable. I still remember what it was like with my first. One of […]

Is Awareness Enough? My thoughts on Maternal Mental Health and Self-Compassion.

My story of Anxiety, OCD and Early Motherhood is not unique.  It’s estimated that around 8% of women experience symptoms of clinical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in pregnancy and some 17% of them continue to experience it into their postpartum period. (I was one of the lucky 2-3% of the general population of U.S. adults […]

Allergies, Babies and Breastfeeding

Spring is in the air and many new parents have questions. Here are answers to the 2 biggest questions about Allergies and Babies! Q: Can 0-6 month babies experience allergies?  A:  Seasonal allergies are thought not to present until after age 3, after exposure to several seasons of a particular allergen.  Genetics are also thought […]

Pumps 101

Breastfeeding is a biological process that occurs naturally, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Whether because of individual lactation issues, poor nutrition, or infant health issues, there have always been families who have struggled to make breastfeeding work. Evidence of the use of wet nurses, animal milk, and plant-based milk substitute use from as early as […]

Returning to Work After Having a NICU Baby

Two babies, one breathing and one not. That was my introduction to motherhood. I remember the neonatologist saying that one baby was doing ok and that no one was sure if the other one would survive. At that moment I felt utterly helpless as I was (and am) a trained neonatal nurse practitioner who had […]

Postpartum Cardio Exercises & Diastasis Recti

At Every Mother, we teach our clients to safely return to exercise postpartum and protect and strengthen their core and pelvic floor in the process. We’ve found that postpartum cardio plays an important role in getting back into the exercise groove, for more than just its effectiveness in getting back into shape, but also for […]

Breast Milk Composition 101: The Magic of Your Milk

Breastfeeding is truly one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, wrapping up nutrition, love, and a sprinkle of magic all in one. Have you ever wondered exactly what is in your milk that makes it so perfect? This post summarizes the composition of breast milk, exploring its unique components and the incredible benefits it offers to […]

Time Management for Moms

We learned many valuable lessons about time management this past year, thanks to the Coronavirus quarantine. Those of you who work outside the home and suddenly had to work inside the home may have had to learn how to get everything done with a new routine and schedule. Laundry, dishes, tutoring, mom talks, and dinner […]