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A Sneak Peak at “Breastfeeding Like a Boss”

Work & Mother has created the definitive guide to breastfeeding for working parents. It is filled with the user-friendly practical advice you need. The following is an excerpt from its first chapter. 

Why Breastfeed? 

TL;DR: breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most babies, and our bodies produce it naturally. 

Breastfeeding also reinforces the intimate, built-in bond between Mom and baby while delivering significant health benefits to both. This is why the United States Surgeon General and other major health groups recommend Moms exclusively breastfeed their babies from birth to six months of age. When possible, the American Academy of Pediatrics supports continued breastfeeding for two years and beyond while introducing other foods. 

No judgment: how long you decide to breastfeed depends on what works best for you and your baby

Not every parent has the ability to breastfeed, and there’s no shame in formula. 

Every family is different – some come together through adoption or surrogacy, some Moms give birth to multiples. 

Your baby may require a flexible approach to feeding, and we’re grateful parents have a helpful alternative that provides babies with adequate nutrition and can be used to help with feeding in a range of circumstances.  

Because of the proven benefits of breastfeeding to both Mom and Baby, if you’re able, there are lots of good reasons to give it a try.

Breastfeed Like A Boss is Work & Mother’s self-paced, easy-to-consume, guide specifically designed for the modern working mom. Order for yourself or someone you love here.

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