Breastfeed Like A Boss

A self-paced, easy-to-consume, guide specifically designed for the modern working mom.

Feeding your baby can be a magical experience.

and with the right support – tailored to you as a working mom – breastfeeding doesn't have to be...

Breastfeeding Like A Boss

the modern mom's guide

Breastfeeding Like a Boss is the modern working mom’s complete resource to breastfeeding.

The only guide specifically created for working moms– Breastfeeding Like a Boss sets you up for success in both of your roles.

Created by Work & Mother CEO, Abbey Donnell, and Ann Gabaldon, CNM and IBCLC – our guide is for you whether you just found out you’re expecting or you’ve just returned to the office.

With 14 modules and 10 video accompaniments – each bite-size chapter is designed to be comprehensive and completely judgement free.

The best part? We guarantee each chapter will take less time than your average pump session.

Breastfeeding Like a Boss is for the working mom asking questions like...

  • How do I best prepare my mind and body to breastfeed?
  • Is it normal for breastfeeding to hurt? If it does – how do I fix it?
  • Is breastfeeding all or nothing? Will supplementing “ruin” my breastfeeding journey?
  • What do I really need to know about breastfeeding if I have a C-section or my baby requires a NICU stay?
  • When do I need to begin pumping?
  • How can I realistically continue breastfeeding when I return to work?


…and so much more.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2: Breastfeeding Biology

CHAPTER 3: Preparing Mind & Body

CHAPTER 4: Planning for Your Birth

CHAPTER 5: Birth Part I

CHAPTER 6: Birth Part II

CHAPTER 7: Day One

CHAPTER 8: Breastfeeding Fundamentals

CHAPTER 9: Days Two – Fourteen

CHAPTER 10: Two Weeks – Six Months

CHAPTER 11: Breastfeeding Challenges & Solutions

CHAPTER 12: Pumping Exclusively 

CHAPTER 13: Returning to the Office

CHAPTER 14: The Weaning Process

Limited Pre-Order Price $50

Our Why

A Note from Abbey Donnell, Work & Mother CEO

When I launched Work & Mother, I was not yet a mother myself. To learn about the nuances of breastfeeding and better relate to the experiences of new mothers, I decided to get a certificate in lactation counseling. I spent a week in a classroom alongside healthcare professionals learning everything I could.

I was blown away by the miracle of breastfeeding, but I felt outraged at some of what was being taught: there was a “breastfeed at all costs” attitude that failed to consider Moms’ mental health, working conditions or financial circumstances. The instructors simply didn’t understand the realities of being a modern Mom.

I decided then and there I wanted to create a guide and support system for working parents that considered their financial needs, understood the workplace, didn’t vilify formula and never painted breastfeeding as “free.”

This is that guide. And it is for you.


For individuals pre-ordering or purchasing the guide, the guide will be emailed to you once available on May 1, 2024

For individuals who are employed by organizations with access to Work & Mother suites, your complimentary access to the guide is live now via your Parent Log-In.

The full retail price of the Breastfeeding Like a Boss guide is $75, but for a limited time, it is available for $50.

For individuals who are employed by organizations with access to Work & Mother suites, you have access to the guide for free via your Parent Log-In.

The Breastfeeding Like a Boss guide will be available for those who pre-order on May 1, 2024

For individuals who are employed by organizations with access to Work & Mother suites, your complimentary access to the guide is live now via your Parent Log-In.

Due to the nature of the material, we do not offer refunds or returns on the Breastfeeding Like a Boss guide.

Currently, Breastfeeding Like a Boss is our only guide — but we plan to continue to produce helpful content for working parents. To ensure you’re in the know when we do, subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage of The HUB.

No, your access to Breastfeeding Like a Boss does not expire.


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