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It Takes a Village: Building Your Working Mom Support Network

Returning to paid work after a career pause is a big decision. It will impact not only you, but your children, your partner, and change your entire household’s routine and schedule. That’s not a bad thing – it can be a really good and exciting change! But it is still a lot to process and prepare for. 

The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is absolutely true, and I would argue that the village needs to be a little bigger when the mom returns to paid work. Yes, our children need a village…but YOU, momma, need a village too. 


One foundational element to building your working mom support network is perspective and awareness of your circumstances. Grounding yourself in your current position in life brings intentionality and awareness to both those who can help you, but also those you can help.

Look ahead of you: who has walked the path and experienced this before you? What can you learn from them? What did they try that worked, or didn’t work? What encouragement can they give you when times get hard?

Look beside you: who is headed in the same direction and needs someone to take the steps together? How can you hold each other’s hands when you feel nervous or scared? How can you pat each other on the back when you see forward progress? How can you hold each other accountable when you are ready to turn around and stop?

Look behind you: Who is about to journey down the same path as you and could use your experience to encourage them with practical advice? How can you give back to them and offer them the same advice and support you know you needed? 

Identify at least three people, one for each category, and make an effort to connect with them this week. Catch up on life, ask them questions, share your concerns and struggles alongside your wins. Ground yourself in your current position and you’ll start to build out your working mom support network.


A varied and diverse group of people who are supportive in your pursuit of being a working mom is essential to your overall success. Achieving your goals, both personally and professionally is important, and attainable! Let’s do some workshopping together to determine who the right people are to add to your support network. Grab a notebook and a pencil and journal your thoughts on the following questions:

  • Who are the five people that you spend the most time with (the kids don’t count!)? These are already a part of your village and are the best place to start! Some of these people are likely the answer to the questions below…
  • What values do you hold as you consider pivoting to paid work? Who embodies those values that would be a great influence on you?
  • Who is your outlet after a long day? Who can you vent to about work? About the kids? About life?
  • Who has experience setting up a healthy work/life balance from whom you can learn and get advice?
  • Who do you trust to be completely honest with you and hold you accountable to taking steps towards your goals?
  • Who are those ahead of you, beside you, and behind you?

By now, you should have a list of names that make up your village. Make an effort to reach out to them specifically to share your goals, aspirations, and requests for how they can help during your career transition. And if your network isn’t as robust as you’d like, consider THRIVE group coaching with Parents Pivot.


If you are looking for other moms just like you to add to your village as you take the bold step to returning to paid work – you are in luck! The Parents Pivot THRIVE program is a 3 month group coaching program with trained coaches actively working to help you in your career return or pivot, making it an easy and inspiring process! 

This program will provide you with a toolbox of well-suited tips, tools, and resources partnered with accountability and community so you can THRIVE in your job search. You’ll meet other moms who are beside you on the path to returning to paid work – you are not alone on this journey!

This piece originally appeared on ParentsPivot.comTo learn more about how Parents Pivot can help you achieve the work-life integration that you want as a leader and a parent, visit our Shop for more information on their 1:1 coaching.

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