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Why World Breast Pumping Day Matters

Today is World Breast Pumping Day. Bet you didn’t even know that was a thing. It’s not the most widely known holiday but here’s why it matters:

They say it takes a village–oh does it ever!–but the old village has changed. Gone are the days that people just popped by; where neighbors dropped in with casserole dishes and spare hands to hold the baby. Our village has become digitized. We text before coming over. We schedule play dates and coffees. The issue with digitization is that often the less beautiful aspects of motherhood are hidden, and moms are left fighting the good fight in isolation, daring only to share the most precious moments on social media.

Pumping is one of those hidden aspects. As any mom who has ever pumped can relate, pumping requires a lot of planning, logistics, and supplies. Pumping at work requires even more planning, logistics, and supplies. Therefore, those who put the blood, sweat, and tears in the pump, deserve a day (or year!) to be celebrated.

(Unfortunately, I feel the need to take a moment here to clarify that just because we celebrate those who pump, does not mean we don’t value, celebrate, or support those who choose not to. It’s just that today is the holiday for those who do. Let us all also loosen up and just be happy to support one another.)
World Breast Pumping Day gives us the chance to celebrate different feeding choices women make. It’s an opportunity for moms of all walks of life, parenting styles, and communities to stand together and support each other.

It also gives us the opportunity to normalize different feeding choices. The more we talk about pumping, combo feeding, supplemental nursing systems, and the zillion other ways we feed our babies, the more we normalize the true challenges and joys of motherhood. I believe society will continue to adapt, providing more of the resources we need to support our growing families (like Work & Mother suites).

And so today, let’s honor that commitment to change and the moms out there doing the work.

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