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6 Reasons Why Every Working And Soon-To-Be Working Parent Needs The Work & Mother Breastfeeding Guide

  1. It was designed specifically for working parents

Breastfeed Like a Boss is the only breastfeeding guide specifically made for working mothers. It will set you up for success at home and at the office.

  1. It respects your time

As working parents we all know that time is extremely precious. Every chapter and video in the Guide is 15 minutes or less—which is less time than your average pump session!

  1. It meets you where you are

The guide covers all stages of breastfeeding with real insight and tips you probably haven’t heard before. From how much coffee you can have while pregnant (yes, you can!), to how to use “the pitcher method” to store your breast milk to when to start pumping before your return to work (hint: you don’t not need a freezer full of milk on Day 1!), the Guide walks you through it all, step by step.

  1. It prepares you mentally 

The keys to getting into a “Breastfeeding mindset” are flexibility and planning. Identify your resources so you can prepare ahead of time. Start practicing in that third trimester with things like setting some new boundaries both with your partner and in the workplace. At work this can include logging off at a consistent time each day and/or blocking adequate time for appointments. At home this can look like talking through nighttime responsibilities with your partner or setting up lactation support in advance. Know that your needs and preferences will change and you can adapt your plans as your needs change. 

  1. It helps you ask for help

Support is so layered. It’s your girlfriend group, it’s your spouse or partner, it could be other family members, your child care provider and, hopefully, your supervisor at work. Make sure this ‘team’ understands what you need to support your goals. Work with your supervisor before you go on leave to ensure that when you come back to the office, you have a space that’s ready for you to pump in during the workday.  Tell friends and family when you are ready for visitors and set boundaries that work for you about those visits. 

  1. Ann is a vibe

Throughout the guide you’ll hear from Ann Gabaldon, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

“I want to be part of the movement, really helping to bring women back to the workplace after having babies. I want to help women feel strong and supported, so they can do whatever it is that they desire to do next in their motherhood and in their work life.“

We all need some “Ann Energy” in our lives!

Breastfeed Like A Boss is Work & Mother’s self-paced, easy-to-consume, guide specifically designed for the modern working mom. Pre-order yours today here.

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