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Great Gifts for Moms

Welcome to our 2024 Mother’s Gift Guide. We pulled together our favorite gifts to honor and support moms.


For some moms, lightening their load makes them feel especially appreciated…

  1. The Work & Mother Breastfeeding Guide: Breastfeed Like a Boss is the only Breastfeeding guide specifically for working moms. “Being a working mom is no joke – and being a breastfeeding working mom is next level. I’d recommend this for any pregnant or nursing mom” 
  2. A Taskrabbit Gift Card: A gift card for Taskrabbit to help with cleaning, furniture assembly, home repairs, running errands or even a local professional organizer.“Taking a task off a mom’s plate is the greatest gift!” 
  3. Parents Pivot: Parents Pivot is the go-to resource for the moms who are looking for guidance and support while navigating the challenges of returning to work. “Through Parents Pivot I was able to craft a solid plan for transitioning out of work temporarily and navigating the challenges of being at home. Having someone to talk to, offering fresh perspectives and invaluable support, has been an absolute lifeline in both my personal and professional life.” 
  4. Carry/ABLE Bag*: The Carry All Leather Tote from ABLE is the bag you’ve been searching for. “As working moms — we have a tendency to try to carry it all. With full hands, packed calendars and a million balls in the air — we’re in a constant state of juggling. That’s why we knew we needed to create the ULTIMATE bag for working moms— a bag that’s intentionally designed for busy working moms who are constantly on-the-go has been missing.” Paula Faris, Founder of CARRY Media 
  5. Rent the Runway Gift Card: Rent the Runway is a designer clothing rental service. This is great for anyone looking to spruce up their wardrobe including working parents who may not always have the time for shopping trips in their busy schedules. And it’s perfect for pregnant or postpartum moms as they navigate their changing bodies.  “When I first went back to work, my work clothes did not fit. Having some stylish outfits (in the proper size) helped me feel put together and confident.”
  6. Milkify: Milkify is a service that turns your breast milk into a shelf-stable powder that lasts up to 3 years, giving you the benefits of breastfeeding and the convenience of formula. It’s a gift that not only supports her breastfeeding journey, but also simplifies her daily routine! “I couldn’t be happier with this product! My baby is chugging her milk happily and I can rest easy knowing that she is still getting breast milk even after our breastfeeding journey has ended. Shipping off the rest of my frozen stash immediately!” 


For some moms, a thoughtful treat or trinket makes them feel especially loved 

  1. A Spa Day Retreat: Indulging in a spa retreat is not just a luxury, sometimes it’s a necessity for moms in need of some rejuvenation and relaxation with some close girl friends. “At the time all of my girlfriends were moms of small children, so getting time to reconnect without distractions and ‘mom responsibilities’ was a reset to get back to our babies and families refreshed and clear-headed. I am a huge advocate for connecting with your community of friends sometimes without kiddos!” 
  2. Planning an Away Day: Whether it’s a day trip to a nearby destination or even overnight, an ‘Away Day’ is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy some quality time with loved ones. “With two working parents at home, finding time for our relationship was a challenge amidst the chaos of early morning calls, daycare pickups, and dinner preparations. Some time away was definitely a much-needed reminder to prioritize our connection and carve out some quality-time together” 
  3. Heartstrings Jewelry: There’s nothing a mom loves more than feeling the warmth of her mother-child bond reflected in her favorite everyday jewelry. Adorned with her little one’s initials, birthstone, or meaningful symbols, a customized jewelry piece becomes more than just an accessory—it’s a personal and sentimental way for her to carry her loved ones close to her heart with every wear. “For my first mother’s day, my husband got me this necklace with my son’s initials. After my daughter was born he had her initial added to it. I love it and wear it every day.” 
  4. Keepsakes From The Kiddos: Create lasting memories by organizing a crafting session where the kids can make personalized gifts or cards for mom. Whether it’s handprint artwork, a homemade card, or a DIY project, involving the kids in the gift-making process adds a special touch of love and thoughtfulness.“I’m a sucker for anything with my kids’ handprints on it and make sure that my husband knows that’s what I expect every year. Do I love the massages, the flowers and the gifts? Sure do. But when I see their little hands (or scribbles) on a “special card” they made JUST to celebrate me? It’s everything to me.” 

And finally, our best advice to anyone anywhere: show the Mom in your life love and appreciation in the way she wants to be loved and appreciated! Not all moms want or need the same things. Whether it’s time with her babies and homemade gifts or some time alone or with her friends– demonstrating to the mom in your life that you understand her is the ultimate gift for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day!

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